May 26, 2023

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: How To Rock a Pearl Rope (Freshwater Edition!)


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"Impressions are like pearls; ideas are like the string that turns the pearls into a necklace. The string is invisible, but it is not dispensable and cannot be broken." – Mu Xin

See What's Inspiring Pure Pearls This Week Pure Inspiration: "Perles Swing" White and Golden South Sea, Black Tahitian and Pink Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Necklace, Jewelry by Chanel




"Perles Swing" White and Golden South Sea, Black Tahitian and Pink Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Necklace

Pure says: Swoon!!

Jewelry by Chanel


Pearl Science, News and FAQs - Your Questions, Answered!




How to Wear a Pearl Rope Freshwater Pearl Edition



As you all know, I am a huge, HUGE fan of Pearl Rope Necklaces. These strands are one of my favorite lengths - whether they're a 52-Inch "mini" Rope, or the full 100-Inch Endless they're just so much fun to play around with and the style options are nearly endless! 

Pearl Ropes are any long necklace length that measures starting around 42-Inches and longer all the way up to 100 (that's a LOT of pearls!). This post will explore all the fun ways you can style a Pearl Rope, with a budget-friendly twist: I sourced images using mainly Freshwater pearls. Enjoy! 

Onto the show!

How to Wear a Pearl Rope: Layered with Chains and Pendants


Micro-mini Freshwater pearl strands mixed with slim gold chains hung with Pearl Pendants and even Solitaire Pearl Rings make for an ultra-modern, minimalist and very urban aesthetic. Love it! 

How to Wear a Pearl Rope: Long and Loose Rope
Photo credit 1st Dibs with Yoko London.

Long and Loose 

A huge fan of the simple Long and Loose Pearl Rope!! It's simple. It's elegant. It's luxurious. It's totally sassy!!! This Multi-Color / Multi-Pearl Tahitian, Golden South Sea and Freshwater Pearl Rope is sleek and stylish, without going to too much trouble. Nice.   

How to Wear a Pearl Rope: Knotted Pearl Rope Necklaces


You'll need a Rope Necklace of approximately 52-Inches to pull this off while still maintaining a lengthy strand that you can play with. Really loving pairing the pearls with two long golden chains to really play with modern textures here. Jewelry by S. Carter Designs.


How to Wear a Pearl Rope: Doubled Up  

Double It Up 

Wrapping your Pearl Rope twice around your neck is a classic, gorgeous way to wear a long strand of pearls. This is a very elegant look when done with classic White Akoya or White Freshwater pearls, but gets super funky and artistic when done with Freshwater Baroque pearls seen above (from Yoko London!).

For more fun tips and tricks on Rocking Your Pearl Rope Necklace visit our Pearl Necklace Length Guide.

Until next time ...



Ashley M.



The PurePearls.com Wishlist: Weekly Pearl Jewelry Spotlight 



 Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: Multi-Layer Freshwater Pearl Chain Necklace


This stylish triple pearl necklace measures at 24-Inches in length and features 4.0-4.5mm AAA quality Freshwater pearls hand picked for their incredible luster.

This style is designed with 3 rows of 14K chain, which complement the white pearls to make this piece absolutely stunning. The necklace measures at matinee length of 24 inches and affixed with a spring clasp. This item comes packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box, perfect for gifting.


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