March 19, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Who's the Fairest Akoya of Them All? Friday, March 19th


Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates for Pearl Science Fashion and Customer FAQs


 "The moon in her chariot of pearl ..." – Oscar Wilde

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PurePearls.com News Updates for Pearl Science and Commonly Asked Questions


What are Natural Color Hanadama Akoya Pearls


Psst: Ever Heard About Untreated Hanadama Pearls?

I get questions about my Natural Color Hanadama pearls almost every day from the curious and more serious collectors, so I thought I’d write a bit today to clear up some misconceptions on these extraordinary and rare pearls.

The vast majority of saltwater Akoya pearls undergo a process called "Bleaching & Pinking" almost immediately after harvest.

When I say "vast", I mean that figure is around 99%.

Yes, you read that right.

Natural Color Hanadama Akoya pearls are treated like fine South Sea pearls and are simply washed and polished, and skip the B&P altogether.

The Untreated, Natural Color Hanadama Akoya pearls are truly the best of the Best of the BEST, and extremely RARE.

PurePearls.com is one of a few sellers in entire world, with the connections and expertise to be able to offer these rare pearls.


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The PurePearls.com Wish List - Our Weekly Product Spotlight


Pearl Product Spotlight: Natural Color Untreated Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace, 8.5-9.0mm

As glowing and lustrous as the last Full Moon of March (the Sugar Moon), this stunning strand of 8.5-9.0mm Natural Color Hanadama Akoya Pearls is our most popular size on offer.

Natural Color Hanadama Akoya pearls are simply washed and polished, and skip the traditional after harvest processing treatments such as bleaching and pinking, altogether. The pearls are quite lovely, with a pronounced Orient iridescent "soap bubble" effect, and a very cool-hued Silver Overtone range. Graduating from 8.5-9.0mm, this 18-inch necklace is the embodiment of luxury and glamour.

Each Hanadama Collection necklace arrives with it's own numbered Pearl Science Laboratory certificate from Tokyo, Japan, detailing the necklace's surface quality, nacre thickness and x-ray results. The necklace will be individually double-knotted on matching white silk and finished with a 14K Gold clasp of your choice. Each pearl purchase comes nestled in our Signature Little Black Gift Box and is accompanied with a GIA Graduate Prepared Retail Appraisal and Pearl Care Instructions.


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