September 18, 2020

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Treasures from the Deep - Friday, Sept 18th

"A legend grows around a grain of truth, like a pearl." – Peter S. Beagle

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"Privilège Collection" One of a Kind Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace
"Privilège Collection" One of a Kind Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace
Pure says: This is dangerous for me to look at for too long ... 
Jewelry by Hinerava


PurePearls.com News Updates for Pearl Science and Commonly Asked Questions


Ashley's Favorite Tahitian Pearl Colors: Silver, Peacock and Aquamarine

A: Ashley here! For me, my absolute FAVORITE Tahitian pearl colors are Silvery Peacocks and Silvery Aquamarines along with True Blues (which are incredibly hard to find!).  

Tahitian pearl necklaces like the brand new one pictured above almost always capture my attention. What I love about Silvery Tahitian pearls is that they reflect TONS of light and are very bright. They tend to have a lot of color complexity and shimmer with swirls of iridescent colors that you just can't find with any other pearl type. 

Check out this Tahitian strand here: 


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The PurePearls.com Wish List - Our Weekly Product Spotlight

Pearl Product Spotlight: Cherry and Peacock Tahitian Pearl Necklace


This darkly sparkling jewel of a necklace showcases some of the most beautiful colors Tahitian pearls can possess.
These perfectly round Tahitian pearls feature very dark charcoal grey body colors, which provides an excellent base for the intense overtones of Peacock and Cherry hues shimmering over each pearl surface.
This bright and lustrous pearl necklace sparkles with sharp, highly reflective luster. A classic in every way, this strand is a new Pure Pearls favorite!
The 18-inch, AA+/AAA Quality necklace has 47 pearls that graduate from 8.0-9.7mm.


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