January 29, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Ringing in the New Year! 1/29/21

"A pearl ring is never, ever an ordinary ring." – Ashley McNamara

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White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Fan Ring, Jewelry by Matthew Ely & Autore


White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Fan Ring
Pure says: Stunning
Jewelry by Matthew Ely & Autore

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Best Pearls for Rings - White South Seas

A: Hey Everybody! Ashley here ... I guess you're hearing from me a lot today, haha! I thought I'd jump in on this one since I have never written an actual blog post about this particular question, and it DEFINITELY deserves an in-print answer! 

Wearing a pearl ring is always fabulous ... there's just something seriously eye-catching and unique about a gorgeous pearl ring. That said, if you're going to be wearing it every day, or even frequently, you're going to want to pick a pearl with some serious staying power!

My top picks for pearl types are (in actual order):


White South Sea & Golden South Sea

Tahitian Pearls

Metallic Freshwater

Elite Collection Freshwater 

Japanese Akoya


White and Golden South Sea pearls are pearls that have the thickest nacre of all cultured saltwater pearl types. These babies average around 2.0-4.0mm nacre depth - extremely thick! Combined with their luxurious sizes and softly glowing luster, these pearls are a favorite choice for pearl lovers and jewelry designers creating fine pearl rings that pack a punch. 

Tahitian pearls are known for having a MINIMUM of 0.8mm nacre depth, which is considered very thick for industry standards, so this is another pearl type that will withstand the tests of time. Their incredibly gorgeous colors don't hurt the eyes either. ;)

What I LOVE about Freshwater pearls is that these pearls are 100% solid crystalline nacre - so very durable (and price point friendly!). Either Metallics and Elites will serve you in good stead for a lifetime.

Japanese Akoya are last on your list, you say?! Yes. I say. That's because the Akoya pearl (while totally stunning, and definitely have their place), are known for having less nacre depth than the other pearl types, and more sensitive to daily wear and tear. Their infamous mirror-like luster CAN for sure make up for this, but be prepared to possibly replace your pearl down the line. 

In a nutshell, that is basically about it. If you are interested in any of these pearl types, I highly recommend visiting our Pearl Education Center where you can read about each of these gorgeous pearls.  


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The PurePearls.com Wish List - Our Weekly Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Bliss Ring


This stunning Black Tahitian pearl shines between two diamond accented branches and creates a beautiful, modern pearl Cocktail ring design. Our gorgeous Bliss Collection pearl ring features a scintillating diamond band of hand-crafted 14K Gold that sparkles with 0.25cttw approx., of VS1-GH Quality gems.
Topped with a dark and colorful AAA Quality, saltwater Tahitian pearl, this ring is sure to be a treasured. Tahitian pearls are among the rarest pearls in the world, and the one of only two naturally colored black cultured pearls found anywhere. Plucked from the tropical island waters of French Polynesia, these gorgeous pearls are a treasure to cherish.
Each pearl has been hand-selected for its colorful overtones, unblemished surface and perfectly round shape. Measuring your choice of 9.0-10.0mm or 10.0-11.0mm, each pearl is securely mounted on this exclusive design here at our Los Angeles, CA workshop. 


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