February 05, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Days of Love - Friday, Feb 5th

"You are my pearl of great price." – Matthew 13:44

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates for Pearl Science Fashion and Customer FAQs

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Antique Edwardian Natural Pearl, Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace, Jewelry via Lang Antiques


Antique Edwardian Natural Pearl, Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace
Pure says: Romantic and Refined ... 
Jewelry via Lang Antiques


PurePearls.com News Updates for Pearl Science and Commonly Asked Questions



Pure Pearls FAQs: What is the Best Pearl Necklace Length to Buy?



A: This is the second most common question I field on a weekly basis - especially with Valentine's Day fast approaching!

It's not always an easy answer – it depends on a variety of factors like personal style, which events you’d like to wear the necklace to, what kind of “look” you’d like to project.

Visit our short, photo-rich guide breaks down the most popular pearl necklace lengths in an instantly “easy to get” format and includes a short bio on each strand length.



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The PurePearls.com Wish List - Our Weekly Product Spotlight

Pure Pearls Wishlist Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace and Earring Set, 8.5mm


As bright and lustrous as a full moon, Hanadama Akoya pearls are the very finest Akoya pearls available in the world today. Famous for their delicate rose tones, "Flower Pearls" were named after the fabled Japanese cherry blossoms that would shower Tokyo in the Spring. Our luxurious 8.0-8.5mm pearl size has a beautiful presence without being overwhelming, and is a PurePearls.com favorite.
Featuring the thickest nacre of any Akoya pearl in the world, our hand-matched Hanadama Pearl Necklace and Earring Jewelry Sets feature an 18-Inch necklace and classic pearl stud earrings to match, hand-made to order here at our Los Angeles CA workshop.


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