September 06, 2019

Pearl News Sept 6: Pearl Ropes Rock

"A Woman Needs Ropes and Ropes of Pearls. ” - Coco Chanel

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Chanel Pearl and Diamond Camelia Necklace


Pearl Rope / Lariat and Diamond Camelia Necklace
Pure says: "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
Jewelry by Chanel


Pearl Science and News Update

Q: How Do You Wear A Pearl Rope?

How To Wear A Pearl Rope Necklace


A:  Check out our Pearl Necklace Length Style Guide for some fashionable and whimsical ideas on how to ROCK YOUR ROPE!

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The Wish List - Weekly Product Spotlight


Black Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace


Knot It, Double It or Twist It Up - A full length Pearl Rope's options offer endless fun!
Dazzling, multi-hued Black Freshwater pearls are color-treated and intensely iridescent.
Measuring a full 52-inches in length, the Pearl Rope consists of 7.5-8.0mm pearls - the most versatile and popular size available. 


Tahitian Pearl Rope Necklace - Custom Layout

Louise DC. was so happy with the Multi-Colored Tahitian Pearl Rope Necklace we created for her, she sent us tons of pictures to show off. This was such a fun project!  
Submit a picture of you wearing your favorite Pure Pearls designs to get featured here! 

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