September 13, 2019

Pearl News Sept. 13: Tahitian Pearl Farms Edition

"Those Who Dive in the Sea of Perfection, Bring Up Rare Pearls.” - Charles Spurgeon

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Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Cuff Bracelet by Yoko London


Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Pure says: "Sleek and Chic - an Ultra Modern Design. Would Rock It Daily."
Jewelry by Yoko London


Pearl Science and FAQs

Q: Where are Tahitian pearls farmed? 

Tahitian Pearl Farm

A:  Tahitian pearls are not farmed on the island of Tahiti. 

They are farmed throughout the atolls and tropical lagoons of the island chain that comprise French Polynesia. Click through to view the Pearling Area MAP

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The Wish List - Pure's Product Spotlight

Tahitian and White South Sea Braided Leather Choker



Originally a custom-design idea from a client, we've expanded on the design further to include both black Tahitian and White South Sea pearls together.
The staggered selection of two 9.0-10.0mm Tahitians and the single 10.0-11.0mm, AA+/AAA quality baroque White South Sea pearl is a dynamic and unusual mix that provides a fresh vision of pearl-on-leather designs.


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Customer Selfie Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Ernestine was thrilled with the Tahitian Pearl Braided Leather Bracelet we created for her, she sent us quite a few pictures to showcase the unique personality and character of her pearls. We love it!
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