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Pick The Best Golden South Sea Pearls For You

Posted by Ashley on 11/11/2011
Pick The Best Golden South Sea Pearls For You

Autumn is always a great time to indulge in warm, earthy jewel tones and what could be a better jewelry choice to compliment that palette than Golden South Sea pearls? Naturally colored Golden South Sea pearls are a bit tricky however, so here's a few helpful tips on choosing the right tone for you.

What Color of Golden Pearls For Blondes?

For blondes, or women with fair complexions featuring pink or reddish undertones it's recommended to stick with lighter golden and champagne pearls. Champagne goldens feature a diffuse tawny/gold body color with lighter hints of rose and/or bronze overtones; the lighter colors attract and reflect light at a higher rate, making the pearls appear brighter and larger than they really are, while the muted hues counteract the warmer elements in your complexion and create a flattering glow. Some light Golden South Sea pearls range the other way- cold! Their sparkling overtones can range from sunshine to lemon yellow and Aquamarine tones. Fair complexions with yellow or green undertones will do well with these bright and cheerful pearls.

Medium Golden South Sea Pearls

Medium golden pearls range from 14K to 18K hues and look stunning on nearly everyone. Ladies with tan or olive complexions as well as African American women can flaunt these pearls with impunity. Overtones typically range from subtle Rose to Green to Aquamarine as well as a deeper, neutral Gold over the natural body colors; if you have yellow undertones, liven up your pearls by selecting Rose and Golden overtones which will enhance their sparkle and depth.

Deep Golden South Seas Pearls

South Sea pearls with a "deep golden" color can best be described as the 22K to 24K range of gold colors; their richness and depth make these pearls among the most rare and coveted of all cultured pearls, with true 24K tones fetching premium prices consistently. Very deep golden pearls can be enjoyed by ladies of all complexions, but for the fairer skin tones the trick is sticking to the warmer overtones of Rose and Gold. Greens, Aquas and Bronzes can easily tip these pearls into the cooler spectrum, and are more suitable for cooler complexions of olive, deep tan and dark browns. African American women in particular can carry off these sumptuous colors easily; the contrasts between the rich golden hues and their dark skin tones is often visually stunning.

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