April 21, 2023

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Glorious Hanadama Pearls


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter

 "The Moon in her chariot of Pearl ..." – Oscar Wilde

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"Jardin Mystérieux Collection" Akoya Pearl, Emerald, Garnet, Spinel, Diamond and Quartz Brooch, 18K Gold, Jewelry by Mikimoto


"Jardin Mystérieux Collection" Akoya Pearl, Emerald, Garnet, Spinel, Diamond and Quartz Brooch, 18K Gold

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Jewelry by Mikimoto



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Hanadama Akoya Pearls


Like the Oscar Wilde quote above, it's no surprise that pearls and the Moon are often compared to each other. 

Certain pearls, like the dazzling Hanadama Akoya can often appear as glowing and ephemeral as that radiant orb in the night skies, emitting dazzling layers of light and faint iridescence. 
Pearls like these are highly coveted by dealers and collectors alike, and their complex beauty will capture the imagination for generations if cared for properly. 
The Hanadama Akoya in particular is known for its glossy, almost metallic luster that appears to glow. 

Hanadama Akoya Pearls - Flower Pearls



Named "Hanadama" by the Father of Cultured Pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto himself, the term is a Japanese word that means "Flower Pearl", which alluded to their pale rose hues that resemble the pink Cherry blossoms that bloom throughout Tokyo every Spring.

Mikimoto meant the name to designate only his finest cultured Akoya pearls from each harvest, and to this day the term "Hanadama" means that the pearls are of the highest quality. 


Hanadama Akoya Pearls 


So what makes Hanadama pearls so special? In a word: LUSTER. Hanadama pearls are known for their dazzlingly sharp, and highly reflective luster that's almost like looking into a mirror, along with their shimmering iridescence called "Orient". 
Luster  is the pearl attribute that quantifies the amount of, brightness of and sharpness of light being reflected from the surface or just under the surface of the pearl. Hanadama Akoya pearls should feature extremely sharp luster – light sources reflected on the surface of the pearl will be very sharp and crisp, with almost no satining or blurring around the edges. You’ll be able to see your detailed reflection smiling back at you when you examine the pearls.
Hanadama Akoya Pearls


Orient  is the iridescent “soap bubble” effect seen only on the finest pearls. White light striking and penetrating the various nacre layers is broken into its spectral rainbow (much like the ‘fire’ in a diamond) and bounced back at the viewer.

These “attributes” are two of the three defining characteristics of Hanadama pearls. The third is nacre thickness. Neither fine luster nor orient would be possible without thickly layered, and tightly compacted crystalline nacre. This is a key element to consider when grading pearls of fine quality.


Hanadama Akoya Pearls  


Every Hanadama Pearl Necklace or pair of Pearl Earrings is accompanied by its own individually numbered gemological certificate from the Pearl Science Laboratory of Tokyo, Japan. The Pearl Science Lab is the ONLY gem lab in the world specializing in certifying Hanadama Akoya pearls, and have over the years developed a number of specific tests and benchmarks that all pearls must meet before qualifying for the vaunted Hanadama certification.


Hanadama Pearls 


There's really so much more to know about these spectacular pearls ... too much to cover in one short post! So if you're interested in learning more about them, then I highly recommend reading our #1 Google-rated article: The ULTIMATE Guide to Hanadama Pearls. 
Inside, you'll find a complete breakdown of a PSL Certificate, Hanadama vs. AAA Quality comparisons, and so much more! 


Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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 Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: White Japanese Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace, 8.5-9.0mm



Popularly known as "Flower Pearls" for their delicate to deep rose overtones, each Hanadama Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace features some of the most brilliant, luminous luster ever seen. Graduating from 8.5-9.0mm, this necklace exudes timeless elegance, and is one of our most loved treasures.

Featuring the thickest nacre of any Akoya pearl in the world, our hand-crafted Hanadama Pearl Necklaces are individually double-knotted by hand on fine white silk, and is finished with a 14K Gold Clasp of your choice. Every Hanadama Necklace is hand-made to order here at our Los Angeles, CA workshop.

Each Hanadama Collection Necklace arrives with its own numbered Pearl Science Laboratory certificate from Tokyo, Japan, detailing the pearls' surface quality, nacre thickness and x-ray results. Your new Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace arrives secured in a fine Jewelry Presentation Box for you to keep and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and Pearl Care Instructions.


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