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Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: A Brief Illustrated History of Pearls



Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"A new word. Bright with possibilities. A flawless pearl to turn over and over in my hand, then put away for safekeeping." – Jennifer Donnelly

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Pure Inspiration: White South Sea Keshi Pearl, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Serpent Necklace, 18K White & Yellow Gold, Jewelry by Autore


White South Sea Keshi Pearl, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Serpent Necklace, 18K White & Yellow Gold

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From the dawn of civilization, pearls have mesmerized humanity, their iridescent glow capturing the hearts of ancient royalty and commoners alike.

Pearl History Cleopatra


In Mesopotamia and Persia, pearls adorned the regalia of kings and queens, symbolizing power and divine favor. Cleopatra, the legendary queen of Egypt, famously dissolved a pearl earring in vinegar, consuming it to showcase her unparalleled wealth and splendor. 

These lustrous gems, emerging from the depths of the ocean, were revered not only for their beauty but also for their mystique, believed to be teardrops of the gods or fragments of the moon fallen into the sea.

In Rome, pearls were a status symbol among the elite. Wealthy Romans, such as Julius Caesar, gave pearls as lavish gifts. They were incorporated into clothing, accessories, and home decor, reflecting the wearer’s high social standing.

Pearl History India

In India, pearls were profoundly woven into the cultural and religious fabric, symbolizing divine connection and spiritual significance. Revered in rituals and associated with the gods, they adorned the royal regalia, reflecting the mystical properties attributed to these lustrous gems.

Pearl History China

Similarly, in ancient China, pearls were esteemed as the ultimate symbols of wisdom and purity. They played a crucial role in traditional medicine and were offered to deities, embodying both healing powers and spiritual reverence.

Pearl History Renaissance

As time flowed into the Middle Ages and Renaissance, pearls graced the crowns and gowns of European nobility. The Age of Discovery brought a new influx of pearls from the New World, which further fueled Europe's fascination, weaving pearls into the very fabric of human history as symbols of purity, wisdom, and prosperity. 

The Age of Discovery unveiled new treasures from the New World, flooding European markets with pearls that glittered with irresistible allure. The Spanish conquest of the Americas brought pearls of exquisite quality to the courts of Europe, where they were cherished as tokens of opulence and grace. La Peregrina, the infamous natural pearl owned by Elizabeth Taylor, was found during this era.

The fascination with pearls transcended continents and cultures, weaving them into the very fabric of human history as symbols of purity, wisdom, and prosperity.


Pearl History 1950s


In the modern era, the advent of cultured pearls, perfected by Japanese visionary Kokichi Mikimoto, democratized these once-exclusive treasures. No longer reserved for the elite, pearls became accessible to all, their timeless elegance and versatility securing their place in contemporary fashion. 

Today, pearls continue to be revered for their glowing luster and the delicate artistry of their formation, embodying a perfect balance of beauty and rarity. Their enduring appeal lies in their ability to capture light and enchant the beholder, making them beloved symbols of enduring elegance and refined sophistication.

 Pearl History Modern Era

The history of pearls is a testament to their extraordinary allure and cultural significance. From the ancient civilizations that revered them as divine gifts to the modern era where they adorn people of all walks of life, pearls have remained a constant emblem of beauty and grace.
Their timeless appeal and symbolic depth continue to captivate the human imagination, securing their place as one of the most cherished and beloved gems throughout the ages.
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Pearl Spotlight: White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Luminary Cocktail Ring


Sparkling diamonds and a stunning White South Sea pearl will steal the spotlight - and her heart! Ring features a lustrous AAA or AAAA Quality White South Sea pearl, and ten dainty Round Brilliant S1 quality diamonds, weighing 0.075ct total weight approximately, mounted in your choice 14K White or Yellow! We offer a range of pearl and ring sizes to choose from.
Our White South Sea pearls feature sharp, highly reflective luster and smooth, unblemished surfaces, shimmering with flattering, pastel overtones of Rose, Cream and Silver. Each White South Sea pearl is as unique as its owner, so expect to see slight variations in color/overtone and luster from the pearls pictured on the site. Each South Sea Pearl and Diamond Luminary Ring arrives in our Signature Little Black Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity and special Pearl Care Instructions.

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