September 10, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Your New Tahitian Pearl Color Guide!


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Hello Lovelies! 

I'm feeling wordy today, so I hope you all are ready for a deep dive into the world of Pearl Colors. 

I used some older pictures I had in my photo archives (check out Pure's old logo - a blast from the past!) but I think the work pretty well at conveying what these colors typically look like. ;) 

Let's look at some Tahitians! 


Tahitian Pearl Color Guide: Popular Tahitian Pearl Overtones


Tahitian pearl colors are described first using the primary body color, then the overtone.

Tahitian pearl body colors can range from Near-White hues to Jet Black, although the majority of pearls are Medium to Dark Charcoal Grey colors. The overtone is the secondary, iridescent hue that appears to ‘float’ over the pearl’s surface.

Overtones can be Peacock, Pistachio, Silver, Steel, Bronze, Green, Aquamarine, Rose and Aubergine among many other colors and hybrids. The saturation or intensity of the Tahitian pearl’s overtones increases the pearl’s value. Some overtones such as Peacock are prized above all others.

There is no internationally recognized grading system for Tahitian pearl colors, so you will need to rely on your own judgment when describing a pearl’s body color and overtone.


  • Green and Blue-Green overtones are the most prevalent of all overtones.
  • Peacock is by far the most popular overtone for Tahitian pearls. Peacock can be described as an iridescent mix of Blue-Green, Green, Gold and Rose hues. The more saturated and intense the color, the more valuable the pearl is.
  • Tahitian pearls with Peacock overtones can have body colors that range from Pale Silver to Medium and Dark Charcoal Grey. The Peacock overtone will show up best on pearls that range from a Medium to Dark Charcoal Grey body color.


Tahitian Pearl Color Guide: Silver Tahitian Pearl Overtones



  • The Silver overtone can help Tahitian pearls appear larger and brighter than their actual measurements. This is because light reflects off their surfaces at a higher rate.
  • Silver is an excellent selection for women that have pink or reddish undertones in their complexion, as the pastel hues won’t clash with their skin tone. Older women with silver or grey hair will appreciate Tahitian pearls with Silver overtones as well.
  • Silver is also excellent for showing off the pearl’s delicate iridescence, which will often show up as a faint tinge of rose or aquamarine color shifting over the pearl’s surfaces.


Tahitian Pearl Color Guide: Rare Tahitian Pearl Overtones


  • Pistachio is a color combination of Silver, Green and Yellow colors. It is most commonly observed in pearls with Light to Light-Medium Grey Body Colors.
  • Aubergine (French for ‘eggplant’) is a mix of Rose and Midnight Blue hues.
  • Pearls with more Rose than Blue are termed ‘Cherry’.
  • Natural Chocolate-colored Tahitian pearls are a rarity, and come from a mixture of brown, red, golden and sometimes green overtones. A prevalence of Rose and Gold will create a “Milk Chocolate” appearance, and the presence of Greenish overtones will give the pearl a “Dark Chocolate” cast. The vast majority of Tahitian pearl necklaces with Chocolate colors are created with pearls that have been color-treated, usually dyed. A naturally-colored strand of Chocolate Tahitians would be extremely rare and very expensive.

  • True Blue colors are considered rare and ‘fancy’. Blue overtones can occur on pearls with Pale Grey to nearly Black body colors, but the darker pearls with more intense saturation of color will be more highly valued. Blue Tahitians are my own personal favorite, and I keep a special eye out for them with every lot of loose Tahitian pearls that comes into Pure (these are the pearls we use for earrings and pendants among other things).

I think that oughta do it before I get accused of writing a book for a blog post, LOL! But do let me know: which Tahitian pearl color is your favorite?? 






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Twinkle, twinkle little star! Our Tahitian Drop-Shaped Pearl and Diamond Radiance pendants are perfect for showcasing one of Nature's most wondrous treasures. Our AAA quality black Tahitian drop-shaped pearls are known for their intense peacock coloration, sparkling iridescence and sharp, metallic luster. Choose your favorite size from 9.0-10.0mm, 10.0-11.0mm up to 11.0-12.mm.

Each Tahitian pearl is completely unique and as individual as its owner, so you may expect to see variation in shape, color, size and overtone. Perfect for everyday wear, each pearl is hand selected per your specifications and securely mounted on a solid 14K gold pendant accented with a sparkling 0.05ct VS1-GH Quality round brilliant diamond accent. Each pendant comes with 14K Gold 16/18-Inch Adjustable box chain. Pure's Signature Little Black Gift Box and GIA Graduate Prepared Retail Appraisal and Pearl Care Instructions are all included.


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