September 24, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: 6 Ways to Style Your Pearl Rope Necklace


Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates for Pearl Science Fashion and Customer FAQs

"Each pearl is a jewel of wisdom, wrestled from struggle and strung in sequence to create infinite insight and compassion for the mermaid who wears them. The older the mermaid, the more pearls." – Margot Datz

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Pure Inspiration: Double-Strand Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace with 32.65ct Morganite Clasp and Diamond Accents, 18K Gold, Jewelry by Tommy Orlandi, The Italian Gem Hunter


Double-Strand Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace with 32.65ct Morganite Clasp and Diamond Accents, 18K Gold

Pure says: Doubled Our Pleasure!

Jewelry by Tommy Orlandi, The Italian Gem Hunter


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Pearl Rope Style Guide - 6 Ways to Wear a Pearl Rope


Picking up from my post earlier this week, I am a HUGE fan of the long, glam Pearl Rope Necklace.

There's just something about getting to play with your pearls while you're wearing them, and getting to admire their subtle, shifting complexity, color-play and luster. 

ANY pearl type can be made into a Rope, but I highly recommend choosing Freshwater pearls for this necklace type. Why you ask? 

Because Freshwater pearls are 100% solid crystalline nacre, and so are VERY durable. They'll be able to withstand getting played with, knotted, twisted, etc., without being damaged as easily as pearls with thinner nacre. 

Wearing a pearl rope isn't just about layering around your neck (although that's my favorite way to wear one myself!). There's a bunch of beautiful, fashionable ways to incorporate a long strand of pearls into your every day look and special occasions.

We've compiled a bunch of fun Rope Necklace layouts for you to view, and how to create them. Click the link below to get some pearly ideas on how to wear your rope.

Have you invented something really pretty? Send me a picture and tell me about it!





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The PurePearls.com Wish List - Our Weekly Product Spotlight



Pearl Product Spotlight: Intense Multi-Color Cherry, Peacock, Green, Blue-Green, Copper, Gold And Pistachio Smooth Drop Tahitian Pearl Necklace, 35-Inch, 8.5-11.1mm, AAA Quality


Thirty-five inches of absolute GORGEOUS. This Tahitian Pearl Necklace is a treasure from the heart of the Ocean. Gleaming with iridescent Overtones of gorgeous Cherry, Peacock, Green, Blue-Green and warm Pistachio, Gold and Copper hues, kissed with sparkling Silver hints. A Pure Pearls favorite, the smooth, drop-shaped pearls display bright, crisp luster and subtly graduated sizes. 

The AAA Quality necklace features 74 pearls that graduate from 8.5-11.1mm and measures 18-Inches approximately. Surface inclusions consist of very tiny pin pricks, shallow dents and slight bulleting. Overall, this layout is incredibly clean. Blemishing accounts for less than 5-10% of the entire strand. 

All of our Tahitian pearl necklaces are completely unique, one-of-a-kind creations - the necklace in the picture is the one you will receive. The necklace will be individually double-knotted on matching black silk and finished with a 14K Gold clasp of your choice. Each pearl purchase comes nestled in our Signature Little Black Gift Box and is accompanied with a GIA Graduate Prepared Retail Appraisal and Pearl Care Instructions.


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