June 12, 2020

Pure Pearls News Update: What Makes Pearls Beautiful? Friday, June 12th

"The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. ” – Grace Kelly

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Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Venetian Earrings by Autore

Tahitian Pearl Earrings set with White, Black, Cognac and Chocolate Diamond Accents
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What Makes Pearls Beautiful?

A: Luster, luster, luster, and orient!

These two attributes, above all others, make a pearl valuable. The brighter and more iridescent a pearl is, the prettier it is.

Luster  is the pearl attribute that quantifies the amount of, brightness of and sharpness of light being reflected from the surface or just under the surface of the pearl.

Orient  is the iridescent “soap bubble” effect seen only on the finest pearls. White light striking and penetrating the various nacre layers is broken into its spectral rainbow (much like the ‘fire’ in a diamond) and bounced back at the viewer.

Visit the Hanadama Pearl Grading Guide for a more in-depth explanation about how these elements all meld together to create the beauty that we perceive ...


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The Pure Pearls Wish List Product Spotlight

Large White South Sea Drop-Shape Pearl Necklace, AAA Quality


This stunning South Sea pearl necklace glows like a Winter's full moon. The Near Round White South Sea Pearl Necklace shines with bright, sharp luster and a gorgeous shimmering Silver overtone, kissed with hints of icy Blue. Gorgeous hints of iridescent Orient shimmer delicately over the pearls, making this a captivating treasure for the eyes and imagination. 
Plucked from the heart of the Ocean, the AA+/AAA Quality necklace has 29 pearls that smoothly graduate from 11.9mm to an impressively large and rare 16.5mm in the center, giving this necklace a Queenly, regal feel. 

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