February 14, 2020

Pure Pearls News: Feb 14th Akoya Pearl Buyer's Guide

 "The world is your oyster, it is up to you to find the pearls."  - Chris Gardner

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Yoko London "Waterfall" Akoya Pearl and Diamond Necklace

"Waterfall" Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Necklace
Pure says: "I'd stand under this!"
Jewelry by Yoko London


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JEWELRY TIPS: Want to know how to buy Akoya pearls like a pro? 

Akoya Pearl Buying Guide

I get a lot of questions about buying Akoya pearls, so I thought I’d put together a blog post regarding these gorgeous gems to try and explain a few basics to make purchasing these pearls (especially online!) a bit easier for everyone.
If you have any questions about how to pick the right pearls, be sure to give this picture-packed post a read!


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The Wish List - Pure Pearls Product Spotlight



White South Sea Pearl Necklace



This stunning South Sea pearl necklace glows like a Winter's full moon.

The Near Round White South Sea Pearl Necklace shines with bright, sharp luster and a gorgeous shimmering Silver overtone, kissed with hints of icy Blue.

Gorgeous hints of iridescent Orient shimmer delicately over the pearls, making this a captivating treasure for the eyes and imagination. 


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