October 16, 2019

Pearl News Oct. 11th - The Coolest Pearls In The World Edition

"Pearls don’t lie on the seashore - if you want one, you must dive for it. ” - Chinese Proverb

PurePearls Weekly Blog News Update

What Inspires PurePearls.com

Sea of Cortez Mabe Pearl Diamond and Tsavorite Pendant

Sea of Cortez Mabe Pearl, Diamond and Tsavorite Pendant, 18K Gold
Pure says: "Pure Color!"
Jewelry by Thesis Gems


Pearl News Science Updates and FAQs

Q: What are "Exotic" Pearls?  

What are Exotic Pearls?


A:  Easily, Exotics are some of the coolest pearls in the world! Exotics include cultured Tahitian pearls from the islands of French Polynesia, Sea of Cortez pearls from Mexico and gleaming White and Golden South Sea pearl necklaces from Australia and the Philippines.

Read our short primer featuring a fantastic array of delectable photos and interesting facts about these rare gems to introduce you to the most beautiful pearls in the world.


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Pure's Wish List - Weekly Product Spotlight


Tahitian Pearl Drop-Shape and Diamond Aerie Earrings


Our new Aerie Collection Diamond Earrings gets an exotic, colorful twist paired with our romantic drop-shaped, AAA quality black Tahitian saltwater pearls.

The sparkling diamonds add just the right touch of sparkle, and each pair of Tahitian pearls is hand-selected and matched to perfection!

Choose your preferred size, from dainty 9.0-10.0mm up to larger 12.0-13.0mm.

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Pure Pearls Customer Selfie Shots


A friend from Greece sent us a quick selfie of his Tahitian Pearl on Hoop Earring (it was a single). We love the "Pirate/Rogue" vibe!
Submit a picture of you wearing your favorite Pure Pearls designs to get featured here.

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