October 25, 2011

Kasumi-Style Metallic Golden And Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklaces On Sale!

Kasumi-Style Metallic Golden And Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklaces On Sale!


We picked up an incredible treat for all of you at the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show this past June, and have been keeping it under wraps as a surprise just for this coming Holiday Season. Introducing these very unique and rare Chinese Kasumi-Style Metallic Freshwater Baroque pearl necklaces! We have a limited offering of only 8 strands, and each is as gorgeous as the last, dusted with metallic golden overtones over shades of dusky rose, vivid peach and shades of pink tinged with lavender. Priced at $899 per 18-Inch, 10.0-13.5mm, AAA Quality strand, these pearls are a steal!


These one of a kind treasures have an extremely limited yearly harvest; while the cutting-edge cultivating technology of using a cultured pearl as a nucleus has been experimented with since the 1960’s in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan (hence the name Kasumi-Style), only recently has any kind of a regular production of fine, jewelry quality pearls been available to pearl dealers and collectors. Spotting a Kasumi pearl necklace is relatively easy, it’s telling the difference between high-dollar Japanese Kasumis or the relatively affordable Chinese Kasumi-Style lookalikes that get really tough- even for dealers!




True Japanese Kasumi pearls regularly fetch between $7,000-$15,000.00 per strand due to their rarity and origin; Chinese Kasumi-Style pearl strands are priced much more affordably at $500 for commercial qualities to $1,500.00 or so, and look nearly identical to their Japanese counterparts. Their rippled, metallic foil-like surface texture and large, off-round shapes make Kasumis very easy to spot, and are definitely a stand-out choice for anyone looking for jewelry that is completely unique and one of a kind.


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