November 03, 2018

Creating A Tahitian Pearl Necklace From Scratch: Part 1

We received this gorgeous new lot of round Tahitian pearls recently ranging from about 8-11mm or so, and the colors are simply luscious ... you know me and color, right?

I've written extensively about Pearl Colors, and my love for the rare and unique hues - check out the article I linked to for more on that.

Below are some of the more unique pearls that I really liked - Pistachios, Cherries and intense Blue-Greens, but what really caught my eye were these light Silvery and Sky-Blue hues!

Silvery-Blue Loose Tahitian Pearls

I admit, I’ve been on a blue kick lately, especially with the recent launch of our Blue Akoya pearl collection, so I decided to see if we had enough loose Blue Tahitian pearls to make a full 18-inch Round Tahitian Necklace … check out the initial sections I was able to match:

Section of Silver-Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace being Matched

Matching a Silvery-Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace

This necklace is going to be AMAZING - a complete one-of-a-kind! I’ll be sure to update you all later on in the week with my progress, and show you the complete layout. Until then, feel free to enjoy these gorgeous pearl pics!


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