November 04, 2018

Celebrity Pearl Sightings: Emma Watson

Attention Harry Potter fans! Emma Watson, the young dark haired beauty known world-wide for her role as Hermoine Granger, is all grown up (as these lovely pictures show!) and her penchant for pearls is quite well known. In this classically-inspired fashion shoot for Italian Vogue, she dazzles in diamonds and a stunning diamond and White South Sea pearl collar. I can’t decide if I enjoy this picture more in color or black and white … 

Of course, she’s well-known in the high fashion world for her daring choices as she’s gotten older, but her love for pearls seems to be a growing constant. Here she is in Teen Vogue – I love this shot. I’m not usually a huge fan of pearl-embellished clothing, but man she makes this outfit look amazing!

Perhaps her most famous pearl shot is from the Mis en Dior New Year’s Eve event where she started a pearl earring craze that’s still going strong by sporting these cutting edge double pearl studs on the red carpet.

Emma Watson, we nominate you our Pearl Queen of September. We can’t wait to see what you do next! 

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