November 03, 2018

Ashley McNamara is the Owner of Pure Pearls

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Hi Everyone!

It’s been about a year since I left PurePearls.com and a lot has happened in the meantime. I went to Downtown Los Angeles and worked for a wonderful diamond bridal jewelry manufacturer, and I learned a lot, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Pure. The site, the pearls, my clients - my customers especially, kept recurring to me and I wondered how everyone was doing. Recently the site went up for sale, and I knew I had to take my chance. I have wanted to be a jewelry store owner for most of my life- it’s been my dream. So I bought Pure (on my birthday!!), and I have been working all this past week to get the site ready in time for the Holiday Season.

To celebrate I have launched an unprecedented 15% off Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Never before have we discounted our gorgeous pearls so much! This is an incredible opportunity to pick up the jewelry you’ve been dreaming about at such a great price! This sale is limited and ends on Cyber Monday, so definitely visit our site as soon as you can!

I want to take the opportunity to say, “I’m Back, and Here to Stay!” to all of our loyal customers that have visited with us throughout the years. I know this past year has been a tough one, but I am confident that we will have all the kinks smoothed out and Pure firing on all cylinders once more. I am not going anywhere, and if you have any questions about Pure, myself or our future, feel free to contact me at ashley@purepearls.com or call me directly at 1-800-762-0977 TOLL FREE. Just ask for the owner. ;)

I have many great new ideas for this next year that I know you’ll enjoy. I will be reintroducing Pure’s Monthly Specials, holding our Annual Exotic Strand Sale in July and August, going to the auctions and jewelry shows, etc., and I plan to share this incredible adventure with you every step of the way. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter, too! You’ll get inside tips, secret sales, advance notice of new designs and more. I am looking forward to working with everyone again- this is going to be a year to remember!





Ashley McNamara

Purepearls.com – CEO


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