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Pearl Pendants

  • Akoya pearl pendants are a time-honored classic. Whether you glam it up with sparkling diamonds, or flaunt the solitaire’s sophisticated simplicity, an Akoya pendant will always make you feel beautiful.

    Starting at $169
    Akoya Pearl Pendants
  • Make big impressions with Tahitian pearls. Dazzling with diamonds, simplified with solitaires, or contemporary in casual leather- any way you wear it, a Tahitian pearl pendant is unforgettable.

    Starting at $139
    Tahitian Pearl
  • Wallet-friendly- our sweet and simple Freshwater pearl pendants come in pink, lavender, black and white hues. The perfect choice when you want to make a big splash on a budget.

    Starting at $99
    Freshwater Pearl
  • Looking to indulge in luxury? White and Golden South Sea pearl solitaires and diamond accented pendants are as luminous as the full moon, almost as large, and always memorable.

    Starting at $239
    South Sea Pearl

Our Pearl Pendant Quality only uses the finest AAA quality pearls for our pearl pendant collection, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Each pearl is hand-selected for their smooth, clean surfaces, symmetry of shapes, the brightness and reflection levels of luster, and color saturation among other factors.

Pure Pearls uses the A-AAA grading scale, which has been widely employed by pearl farmers, dealers and US jewelers for many years to describe the basic attributes of pearls.

We offer fine Akoya, Tahitian, White and Golden South Sea as well as Freshwater pearl pendants in a range of sizes, colors and shapes to suit every taste and personality. For more information on pearl grading, we invite you to visit our Pearl Education section.