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Customer Question: What Is Your Elite Collection And How Does It Compare With Your AAA Quality Freshwater Pearls?

Posted by Ashley on 12/11/2014

Our Elite Collection Freshwater pearls represent the top .03% of each yearly pearl harvest. These are pearls that are set aside immediately during the harvest sorting for pendants, earrings and rings due to their almost perfect round shape, and intensely high luster. 

The pearls have less than a 5% deviance from a true round shape - that's nearly equivalent to an Akoya pearl! We purchase these pearls at a premium before they head to auction, and have them matched and strung into the highest quality Freshwater pearl necklaces almost anywhere in the world!

Some “real life" pictures of our Elite Collection Freshwater Pearls Ivory vs. Silver Overtone

Our AAA Quality Freshwater pearls compare pretty favorably, but between the two grades, there's not much of a competition, especially if what you're looking for in your pearls is a high degree of luster and shine (and who isn't?!). 

Our AAA Quality Freshwater pearls represent the top 1% of each year's harvests, and may display some variance in shape. They'll appear near perfectly round to the eye from a distance of 6-inches or more, but up close inspection will reveal some pearls throughout the strand that have a slight oval or egg-shape.
My Freshwater Pearl Grading Guide is excellent for comparing the two qualities side by side - check it out!
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