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Customer Question: What Is The Difference Between Your Black Akoya And Your Black Freshwater Pearls?

Posted by Ashley on 12/3/2014

There are three primary differences between these two beautiful black pearl types:
1) Black Akoya pearls are cultured saltwater pearls farmed in Japan and China. 
    Black Freshwater pearls are grown exclusively in China in man-made lakes and ponds.

2) Black Akoya pearls are perfectly round in shape. 
    Black Freshwater pearls will be slightly off-round to ovalish in shape.

3) Black Akoya pearls will feature a strong, Midnight Blue-Black hue. 
    Black Freshwater pearls display much more iridescent, shimmering Peacock colors.

Check out these pictures, which I think really illustrate their differences beautifully:

Black Freshwater Pearls Display a Variety of Iridescent Colors, However Most Remain in the Peacock to Denim-Blue Violet Range.

Black Akoya Pearls are Perfectly Round in Shape, and Typically Display Midnight Blue to Greenish Black Overtones.
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