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Customer Question: What Are The Different Colors For Akoya Pearls?

Posted by Ashley on 11/26/2014
Customer Question: What Are The Different Colors For Akoya Pearls?


Akoya pearls come in White, Black, Natural Blue and Natural Golden colors.

Our “classic” collection of Akoya pearls features White and Black pearl necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and matched sets. We stock hundreds of loose pearls and matched hanks in our vaults, so when you’re ready to place an order, we’re able to create your jewelry quickly, and tailor it to your needs!

White Akoya pearls are THE classic pearl color.

Our Natural Color Blue Akoya pearl collection consists of naturally-colored blue saltwater pearls from Japan. These are very special, uniquely-colored pearls that we receive directly from our pearl farming partners, and are in limited supply. We carry both round and baroque pearls starting at 7.5 mm up through 9.0 mm.

Blue Akoya Pearls are naturally-colored, and shimmer with Aquamarine, Violet and Rose overtones. Directly from Japan or Vietnam, these pearls are cultivated specifically for this hue.

Black Akoya pearls are from both China and Japan, and are dyed to achieve this hue. The resulting colors vary a bit from Midnight-Blue-Black to Greenish-Black to Jet Black.
We do have access to Golden Akoya, which can be both naturally-colored or dyed. However it is not something that we carry regularly – if you are looking for Golden Akoya pearls, please contact us and we’ll work with you on your special request.

Golden Akoya Triple Strand Pearl Necklace, Natural Color. Photo Courtesy of Pearl-Guide.com
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