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What Are Keshi Pearls?

Posted by Ashley on 1/26/2015
What Are Keshi Pearls?
Keshi pearls are a gorgeous by-product of the pearl culturing process. Not strictly considered “cultured pearls” by industry standards though because they are unintentional products, not actual nucleated pearls. 

Basically what happens with a keshi pearl is that the technician nucleates the pearl-bearing mollusk (this happens with both saltwater pearl oysters and Freshwater pearl mussels), and while the pearl is forming, a small piece of it breaks off within the body of the mollusk. The broken-off piece also irritates the mollusk into forming a pearl sac, and begin smoothing over the irritant with pearl nacre, creating an accidental pearl!

These Freshwater keshi pearls are much larger than their saltwater cousins, and much more colorful!

Keshi pearls are solid-nacre, usually small in size and usually highly lustrous, and come in every cultured pearl type: Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater and South Seas! 

They have become highly collectible pearls in their own right due to their unique shapes and high rate of iridescence.

If you are interested in purchasing some Keshi pearls, you can visit our website as we carry Pink, Champagne and Peach Freshwater Keshi Pearl Necklaces, or you can email me directly at: ashley@purepearls.com for special order Tahitian, Akoya or South Sea pearl keshi items. 

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