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Wearing Golden South Sea Pearls: A Retailer's Guide

Posted by Ashley on 6/15/2015
Wearing Golden South Sea Pearls: A Retailer's Guide

Awhile back, I wrote a Retailer's Guide to Selling Golden South Sea Pearls that was published on Jewellery Net Asia that I thought (hoped!) was a pretty straightforward guide on identifying Golden pearls, common inclusions, pearl shapes and easy ways to describe colors and overtones. But it wasn't complete; this article needed a Color Companion, which happily just went live on JNET today! 

This Golden South Sea Pearl Color Companion features 3 common complexion types wearing a variety of the most popular Golden South Sea pearl body color and overtone combinations. I had to limit what I could show or this piece could have gone on forever, so I tried to be as general as possible. 

I hope that this helps shed additional light on what I think is perhaps the trickiest of all pearl types to wear. Check it out if you have Golden color questions. Enjoy!

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