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South Sea Pearl Necklaces

Dreamed of and coveted the world over, the glow and the irresistible silky feel and weight of a White or Golden South Sea pearl necklace is simply incomparable.These are the undisputed Queens of the Pearl World, a cultured pearl with no rival. Nurtured in the warm tropical lagoons and ocean waters of Australia and the Philippine Islands, naturally-colored White or Golden South Sea pearls feature exceptionally thick nacre, bright, glowing luster and a soft, shimmering iridescence that gives these pearls an entrancing, luxurious look. Whether round or baroque, when you purchase a luxurious South Sea pearl strand from PurePearls.com, you can be sure that each gorgeous necklace is a one of a kind treasure from the Heart of the Ocean that will be cherished forever.
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Silver-Rose White South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 9.01-11.63mm, AA+ Quality
Sale Price: $1,012.00
Retail Value:$5,060.00
Our Price: $1,265.00
Silver White South Sea Circled Baroque Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 10.21-13.23mm, AA+ Quality
Sale Price: $1,324.00
Retail Value:$4,965.00
Our Price: $1,655.00
Silver-Rose White South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 10.17-12.42mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $1,811.20
Retail Value:$6,792.00
Our Price: $2,264.00
Shimmering Rose White South Sea Near-Round Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 11.07-14.04mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $5,450.40
Retail Value:$20,439.00
Our Price: $6,813.00
Bright Silver-Rose White South Sea Near-True Round Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 10.03-12.21mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $5,904.80
Retail Value:$22,143.00
Our Price: $7,381.00
Light Silver-Blue White South Sea Near Round Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 9.53-12.68mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $6,218.40
Retail Value:$23,319.00
Our Price: $7,773.00
Bright Silver-Rose White South Sea Near-True Round Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 11.11-14.03mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $6,860.00
Retail Value:$25,725.00
Our Price: $8,575.00
Shimmering Rose White South Sea True Round Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 10.32-13.45mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $7,370.40
Retail Value:$27,639.00
Our Price: $9,213.00
Very Strong Silver-Rose White South Sea Off-Round Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 10.01-14.03mm, AA+/AAA Quality
Sale Price: $8,648.00
Retail Value:$32,430.00
Our Price: $10,810.00
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