Light Silver True Round Tahitian Pearl Necklace, 18-Inches, 10.0-10.9mm, AAA/Gem Quality

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Scintillating Silver kissed with the barest hints of iridescence make this Tahitian Pearl Necklace a treasure from the Heart of the Ocean. This gorgeous strand features a lovely layout of Medium-Tone Grey body colors providing the perfect base for the brightly shimmering Overtones of Silver and Steel, tinged with subtle Green hints. The iridescent hues shimmer over each pearl, making this Tahitian pearl necklace a treat for the eyes and the imagination.

The 18-inch, AAA to Near Gem Quality necklace has 39 pearls that smoothly graduate from 10.0-10.9mm. The pearls are incredibly clean to the eye, with only a one to two light, tiny pin pricks located towards the back of the strand. Luster is excellent, with a very high rate of bright white light return, and sharp, crisp reflections visible in the surfaces of the pearls.

All of our Tahitian pearl necklaces are completely unique, one-of-a-kind creations - the necklace in the picture is the one you will receive. The necklace will be individually double-knotted on matching black silk and finished with a 14K Gold Clasp of your choice. Each pearl purchase comes nestled in our Signature Little Black Jewelry Box and is accompanied with a GIA Graduate Prepared Retail Appraisal and Pearl Care Instructions.

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Pearl Color Black / Natural-Color, No Treatments
Pearl Type Tahitian Pearls
Pearl Quality AAA/Gem Quality
Pearl Size 10.0-10.9mm, 39 Pearls
Pearl Shape True Round
Overall Length 18-Inches / Princess Length
Mollusk Type Pinctada margaritifera, black-lipped saltwater oyster
Area of Origin French Polynesia

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