Extremely Rare Multi-Colored Round Sea of Cortez Pearl Necklace, 18-Inches, AAA Quality, 14K Gold

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These incredibly rare, one of a kind Sea of Cortez pearls feature some seriously unique, natural colors! The ONLY AAA Quality, truly round Sea of Cortez pearl necklace made this year, this 18-inch layout features 41 pearls that graduate smoothly to an impressively colorful center section featuring a true Aubergine Cortez pearl. Dazzle your senses with saturated shades of Sea Foam Green, Peacock, Aquamarine, Violet and Rose overtones, shimmering over a mix of light and dark grey pearl body colors.

This necklace is truly a treasure from the heart of Ocean! Each Sea of Cortez pearl is a one of a kind, unique gemstone - there is no other like it on Earth. To own a complete necklace is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The rarest pearls in the world, these gorgeous gems are created on the only saltwater pearl farm in the Americas: Perlas del Mar de Cortez.

Each necklace is named by its owner, and is recorded with both Pure and the Cortez Pearl Farm from whence it came. Previous necklaces of this caliber are known as The Stella Maris (Stars of the Sea) and The Bocachibampbo Pearl Necklace, among a very few others ... To read more about the Sea of Cortez Pearl Necklaces visit my blog here.

Famous for their spectacularly gorgeous colors, these are the black pearls that drove the conquest of the Americas by the Kings and Queens of Europe, desperate to own these uniquely beautiful pearls for themselves. The pearls have been hand-selected for their singularly colorful beauty, versatile sizes and bright, sharp luster, and the layout is composed of AAA Quality pearls that have been lovingly collected and set aside from over 3 years of pearl harvests.

Upon purchase of the necklace, we will contact you about delivery options. The pearls will be drilled and individually double-knotted on matching grey silk, so please allow an additional week of processing time while we prepare the pearls for you. The Necklace arrives in a Cherry Wood Jewelry Box lined with vanilla leather, along with a GIA Graduate Prepared Appraisal and Care Instructions.

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Pearl Color Black
Pearl Type Sea of Cortez
Pearl Quality AAA Quality
Pearl Size Graduated
Pearl Shape True Round Pearls
Overall Length Princess Length, 18-Inches Approximately
Mollusk Type Pteria Sterna, Rainbow-Lipped Saltwater Oyster
Area of Origin Sea Of Cortez, Mexico

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