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Prettiest Pearl Projects of 2015

Posted by on 1/8/2016 to News
Prettiest Pearl Projects of 2015
Well, 2015 is finally over – on to the New Year! I am pretty excited about it; I have a ton of new projects to tackle as well as a (cross your fingers for me) trip to the Sea of Cortez Pearl Farm this Summer to participate in their pearl harvest! But before we begin, I think a look back at some of our prettiest pearl projects of 2015 is in order. 

#1 Monogrammed Pearl Bridal Bracelet

I loved, loved, loved handling this project! KP was such a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We built this custom-designed pearl bracelet composed of 6.5-7.0mm, AAA Quality Japanese Akoya pearls, two diamond-encrusted bar spacers and a beautiful, laser engraved 14K white gold clasp. I made the monogram of her new, married, initials using Photoshop for the bride, and she proudly wore it on her wedding day! Check out this picture below:

# 2 Ruby and Elite Collection Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings

A long-time customer of mine, TSH contacted me about creating these in early June. Composed of a beautifully matched pair of round-brilliant cut Rubies measuring 4.5mm each, and our 9.0-10.0mm White Elite Collection Freshwater pearls, this pair of earrings is sure to be treasured for years! I got the most amazing Thank You card from her, too!

#3 White South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings with Diamond Hoops

This project might easily have been my favorite: a customer contacted me wanting to recreate the pearls from the Vermeer painting, “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Tall order! I searched the world over to find this stunning matched pair of White South Sea drops measuring 14-15mm. To read about the pearls visit: http://www.purepearls.com/one-in-a-million-white-south-sea-drops-a-new-custom-design-from-pure

#4 Blue Akoya Pearl Tin Cup Necklace

I have a “thing” for Tin Cup necklaces and Blue pearls, so this creation really combined the best of both worlds for me! The Blue Japanese Akoya pearls measure 8.0-8.5mm, each individually wire-wrapped onto a 20-Inch 14K White Gold chain. This dressy-casual necklace is one I would wear anytime, and am giving serious consideration to making a regular item on the site! 

#5 South Sea and Sapphire Necklace

This stunning White South Sea pearl necklace is my most recent treasure, and if I could have kept it for myself I would have!! The pearls measure 8.4-10.6mm and are a really lovely Silver-Rose overtone. The Silver-Rose is my favorite for White South Sea pearls, this hybrid overtone displays flashes of blue, magenta and violet colors with the changing light. What I loved most about these pearls though is their near-translucency in the nacre layers … in certain lighting the pearls reminded me a bit of milk glass. Swoon! 

Which custom design project is your favorite? 


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