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Pink Pearl Earrings

Sweet, delicate and feminine, natural pink pearls are always a popular choice! Ranging from soft baby pink to magenta, pale peach to intense apricot, there is a shade of pink to satisfy even the pickiest of pearl lovers. PurePearls.com offers a complete selection of pink pearl earrings to choose from; the soft pastel shades are guaranteed to compliment any complexion, and always brighten your day!
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Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(4)
Retail Value:$356.00
Our Price: $89.00
Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(5)
Retail Value:$376.00
Our Price: $94.00
Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 8.5-9.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Retail Value:$500.00
Our Price: $125.00
Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 9.5-10.0mm
Average Rating(3)
Retail Value:$580.00
Our Price: $169.00
Pink Elite Freshwater Pearl Clip-On Earrings, Sizes: 8.0-11.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Retail Value:$836.00
Our Price: $209.00
Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 10.5-11.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Retail Value:$896.00
Our Price: $224.00
Pink Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Radiance Earrings, 9.0-10.0mm
Retail Value:$1,725.00
Our Price: $345.00
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