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Pearls in Acids: Exposing Pearls to the Agents of Destruction, Day 7

Posted by Ashley on 5/28/2015 to News
Pearls in Acids: Exposing Pearls to the Agents of Destruction, Day 7

Day 7 has arrived and brought some interesting results! 

White and Black Akoya in Acetone - these pearls seemed to show the greatest amount of damage right off the bat. 

This Black Akoya pearl's color treatment is being radically destabilized. The acetone solution is very greenish in color!

The White Akoya pearl appears to be showing less damage to its luster, but the solution is very cloudy which I believe is a result of the nacre slowly being dissolved over a period of time. Perhaps the material is coming from the inside of the pearl's drill shaft? All pearls were fully drilled. 

A close up of the White Akoya pearl in acetone. 

Black and White Akoya in Hydrogen Peroxide. These pearls are showing the least amount of effects after 7 days of submersion in H2O2.

Black Akoya close-up shot in Hydrogen Peroxide. What the camera doesn't show very well is a dulling of the pearl's surface and the brilliance and depth of the color. To my eye, I can distinctly see "patchy" areas of discoloration that are blue-greyish, and a sharp dulling of the pearl's reflective capabilities. I don't want to remove the pearls from their solutions yet, but will near the end of the experiment. 

White Akoya pearl in Hydrogen Peroxide solution - some slight cloudiness of the peroxide solution can be seen, and slight dulling of the pearl's luster is also visible to the naked eye. 

White Akoya pearl in Giorgio perfume. The perfume has steadily gotten cloudier and darker as the week has gone by. This pearl is the hardest to see details of its decomposition, but damage is obvious! 

Close-up of the White Akoya in perfume. Gross. I can't wait to take this one out of its jar to see the discoloration and damage!

To be a part of the Pearl-Guide.com Forum discussion visit: http://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9792 

See you there! 
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