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Pearl Gifts Overview


For centuries, the pearl as a gift has been given to signify love and respect. Many monarchs and rulers kept hoards of various pearls from around the globe as a signal of being well-liked by their subjects and other kingdoms alike. These days, you don't have to have a King's ransom to buy beautiful pearl jewelry and surprise a loved one with the gift of a pearl.

There are many special events in life that you'll want to commemorate with something special. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations - and so much more! The gorgeous gift of pearls will ensure each special memory lasts a lifetime.

Pearl Gift Ideas - Freshwater Pearl Earrings


A well chosen pair of unique and colorful Freshwater Pearl Earrings is always a guaranteed hit, no matter the occasion. Each pair of pearls has been hand-selected for their gorgeous colors and bright, sparkling luster. Hand-matched to perfection, each pair of earrings is always made to order. Starting at $69.00, this is a collection you won't want to miss!

Pearl Gift Ideas - Classic Akoya Pearls


The most popular pearl gift is now the pearl anniversary gift, given as a 30th anniversary present from a loved one. Pearl necklaces and earrings make stunning valentine's day gifts, and what mother wouldn't absolutely love a pearl bracelet as a pearl Mother's Day gift? Check out our Classic Collection for more fabulous gift ideas!


In today's fast paced lifestyles, where so much seems to be automated or 'cookie cutter', more and more husbands are choosing to give the unique, beautiful gift of a pearl wedding ring to the woman they plan on marrying. Most common is the beautiful South Sea pearl ring, like this customer favorite, the White South Sea pearl and Diamond Bliss Ring.

Pearl Gift Ideas - Tahitian Pearl Jewelry


There are few gifts as elegant as pearls—classic, shining celebrations of years of hard work and success. Celebrate and congratulate that special person in your life with a timeless gift of pearl jewelry they can cherish forever.

All of the stunning choices at Pure Pearls come with a GIA-certified appraisal, and are shipped free of charge. Whatever your choice, you can be certain your gift will be the right one with our 90-day unconditional return policy. The quality of our pearls is surpassed only by their beauty, and our low prices make it possible for you to get exactly the gift you envision.

Shop any one of our Gift Guides below for more gorgeous gift ideas for special occasions!

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