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Cocktail Pearl Rings

Glittering with diamonds, shining with unmistakable luster and beauty, a pearl and diamond cocktail ring will always be regarded as a statement about the woman who wears it. Whether demure and understated, or a glitzy, glamorous shout, each design in our collection is guaranteed to turn heads. Each pearl ring is made to your specifications, so you're guaranteed to not only get the finest pearl jewelry available, but a pearl ring that is exclusively and uniquely yours, and really, isn't that what pearl rings are all about?
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Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Victory Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, 18K Gold
Retail Value:$3,076.00
Our Price: $769.00
White Akoya Pearl and Half-Eternity Diamond Ring, 8.0-8.5mm, 14K Gold
Sale Price: $732.70
Retail Value:$4,310.00
Our Price: $862.00
White Akoya Pearl and Diamond Halo Ring, Sizes: 8.0-9.0mm, 14K Gold
Sale Price: $769.25
Retail Value:$2,715.00
Our Price: $905.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Half-Eternity Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, 14K Gold
Average Rating(1)
Retail Value:$4,575.00
Our Price: $915.00
White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Victory Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, 18K Gold
Sale Price: $871.25
Retail Value:$5,125.00
Our Price: $1,025.00
White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bliss Ring, Sizes: 10.0-11.0mm, 14K Gold
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $913.75
Retail Value:$5,375.00
Our Price: $1,075.00
White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Ring, 10.0-11.0mm, 18K Gold
Sale Price: $960.50
Retail Value:$5,650.00
Our Price: $1,130.00
White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bloom Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
Sale Price: $1,031.05
Retail Value:$3,639.00
Our Price: $1,213.00
White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Anniversary Ring, Sizes: 10.0-12.0mm, 14K Gold
Average Rating(2)
Sale Price: $1,177.25
Retail Value:$6,925.00
Our Price: $1,385.00
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