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New Design For June – Giant Pearls On Tiny Omegas

Posted by Ashley on 6/4/2014
New Design For June – Giant Pearls On Tiny Omegas

I recently received this magnificent (and large!) lot of giant baroque White South Sea pearls, and I knew we had to create something special with them. Check out these pearls- their iridescent Orient is simply irresistible!

Baroque White South Sea Pearls in Giant Sizes 14.0-15.0mm!

Handfuls and Handfuls of Gorgeous White South Sea Pearls! I feel like Scrooge McDuck, but with pearls instead haha! 

I decided to make the pearl the absolute star of the show with this new design- even my daughter wants one! When your 16-year old says it’s cool, you know you did something right lol! ;)

Raw Shot of a Stunning 15.0mm White South Sea Baroque on the Omega Necklace – This is the Product Shot Before We Edit out the Background for Bright White.

I chose a simple, fixed Omega circlet to showcase these pearls. The 16-inch length will encircle the base of the neck, and the slim 1.2mm width ensures that the minimalist feel of the necklace is dominant. The necklace is easily one of my favorite designs, and definitely one that you can bet I’ll be wearing all Summer long!

Modeling the White South Sea Omega Necklace- I think I need one for myself!!

I’ve decided to offer it in all of our larger pearl types such as Black Tahitian (YUMMY!!), Golden South Sea and round White South Sea pearls as well! The Omega is available in Sterling Silver and 14K White or Yellow Gold (I love the idea of this necklace in yellow gold- a gorgeous way to add a touch of luxury to this minimalist piece). The Sterling Silver option ensures that this fabulous design is available for anyone who wants one- prices start at $175!

Omega Necklace with a Round White South Sea Pearl- I love the simplicity of this design. Really, just can’t get enough!!

Throughout June, this stunning design will be on sale at 25% off. Stay tuned next week, as I have selected a limited amount of particularly gorgeous White South Sea giants and set them aside for special requests!


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