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Newest Custom Design Pearl Necklace by PurePearls.com

Posted by on 5/23/2017 to News
Newest Custom Design Pearl Necklace by PurePearls.com

Hi Everyone!

This past April I was contacted about creating a VERY special Custom Design Necklace for a client’s anniversary. When I saw what he wanted to make, I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement!! This is EXACTLY that kind of creation that gets my heart racing.

Here is the original image he sent me to inquire:


I immediately got to work! I created a pearl layout using 6.5-7.0mm Gem Quality Elite Collection White Freshwater pearls, and used a gorgeous 9.0-10.0mm Metallic White Freshwater Drop-Shape pearl for the dangle. I love that big “pop” the Drop Shape provides for the center, don’t you?


I also got in touch with the goldsmith I like to use for creating confections like this, and he was able to create a full wax cast of the 18K Gold and Diamond branching center section:

Next, he cast the entire piece in 18K Yellow Gold, and set the VS1-GH Quality Round Brilliant Diamond Accents (about 0.04cts each):


The center piece came back to me completed, at which point my stringer added on the pearl strand and center Metallic Drop and …. Voila!! The finished necklace was ready to send!

It was so pretty I needed at least a couple of pictures …

Here's a close-up of that STUNNING center section (doesn't that Metallic Drop just POP, or what?!): 


What do you think? Was this a winner, or what?!

If you have a Custom Design or want to replicate a pearl treasure you’ve seen somewhere please contact me anytime – I just love to make dreams come true!

I have a few more Custom pieces to post about coming to the blog soon, too!

Until then …

Long Live Color!!


 Ashley M.

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