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Natural Pearl Necklace Sets Records at Christie's Magnificent Jewels Auction

Posted by Ashley on 10/1/2015 to News

The natural pearl world is a pretty small place and becoming smaller each year as the cultured pearl continues to dominate the luxury jewelry market, and natural pearls sourced in the wild continue to shrink.

That makes it news when a stunning four-strand natural pearl necklace hits the auction block at Christie's. A stunning natural black pearl necklace, no less! Check out this treasure:


photo courtesy of forbes.com

The necklace set a world record auction price of $5.1 million dollars recently. The necklace consists of four beautifully multi-colored of naturally-colored grey, black and brown non-cultured pearls.


The strands feature 81, 76, 69 and 63 pearls each, graduating from 4.9 mm to 12.65 mm, with a breathtaking multi-strand diamond clasp finishing the necklace. The clasp itself looks like it's dominated by a large Old Mine cut diamond, surrounded by smaller round stones. The pearls are certified as non-cultured, natural black pearls by the Swiss Gemological Laboratory, one of the foremost gemstone certification labs in the world.

I'll have one of these, please!

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