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How Do You Use A Pearl Shortener?

Posted by Ashley on 5/20/2015
How Do You Use A Pearl Shortener?

A Pearl Shortener is a small “Figure-8” style device that locks onto two sides of a single strand of pearls and is used to literally shorten a strand of pearls by a few pearls or a few inches. 

The shortener holds the exact length you’ve created in place for the duration of your wearing them, and will not budge! Check out these pictures:


When wearing the pearl shortener, be sure to rest the bottom part between pearls, where the knots are. 

Also, pearl size is important! Most pearl shorteners are not built to hold pearls measuring over 9.0mm, so these little puppies aren’t going to work for a large South Sea necklace just fyi. 

The safest bet for the best pearl size to wear with a shortener would range from 5.5mm to 8.5mm.

Another useful little tool to keep your pearl fashion fresh and interesting!


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