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Presidential Pearls - Our Very First, First Ladies

Posted by on 2/15/2016 to News
Presidential Pearls - Our Very First, First Ladies
Last year’s post on First Lady Pearls was such a success, I thought I’d post a Part 'Deux' of First Ladies in their Pearls. 

This year, I'd like to focus on our very first First Ladies and their lovely jewels. Portraits courtesy of C-Span; they did an absolutely fascinating retrospective of each First Lady's life from Martha Washington to Michele Obama, which you should definitely check out when you have time. 

Below is a portrait of Martha Washington in her younger years. Honestly. I had no idea how beautiful she was! Just stunning. Apparently, Martha Washington didn't wear a lot of fine, genuine jewelry, preferring instead faux pearls and gems that were not that costly. I chalk that up to being a war-time wife, which can be hard on a jewelry box (and subsequent taste!). The pearl earrings in the picture are now displayed in a museum, but were very typical of Mrs. Washington's style at the time. 

This portrait of Dolley Madison is fantastic; the artist did a beautiful job of capturing her pearls and the way light reflected off of them and giving them a sense of depth. Unlike her predecessor, Mrs. Madison chose much higher caliber, finer jewels (such as a large strand of natural pearls shown in her portrait!).  

I am in love with this portrait of Edith Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt's wife. She jjust looks incredibly the part of Teddy's First Lady, doesn't she? Definitely some real panache and a sense of dramatic flair shows in her choice of wardrobe for her sitting, and the tiny seed pearl choker is perfection! 

Helen Taft is another First Lady with a wonderful sense of style and glamour. In my opinion, she's definitely one of the prettiest First Ladies we've ever had! This portrait is done in a realistic style but doesn't really show all the details on her jewelry and clothing, which is too bad - that pearl choker looks incredible. 

That's it for this year.  I have more First Lady Pearls pictures saved for next year, so stay tuned and until then, Happy President's Day! 

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