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Finishing Our Silver-Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Posted by Ashley on 3/25/2014
Finishing Our Silver-Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace

I am finishing up the Silver-Blue Tahitian necklace this week, and got some really beautiful pictures that I thought you'd like to see. The Sharpie marker needs to get cleaned off first before we do anything else ...

Sharpie's supposed to be permanent, but if you dip a Q-tip in "Attack!" solvent, and gently rub the area, the black comes right off.

These are the pearl's new drill shafts, up close and personal.

Next up, the pearls will go on what we call a "Temp Hank" meaning that they'll be threaded on a double strand of silk in the order they have been laid out. There aren't any knots on the temp hank as this isn't completely permanent yet.

Stringing Tahitian pearls onto the temporary silk strand. It's very important to string them in the right order.

I love this pearl- its Rose overtones were so strong and lovely!

As you can see, the stringing needles that we use are very thin, and flexible to work around any remaining blockages inside the pearl's drill shaft.

To finish the temp hank, it's a simple matter of tying off the thread with a knot and clipping it about 1.5-inches away from the last pearl. We'll tag it and begin entering this beautiful necklace into inventory.

We're half-way finished with the temp hank- the pearls look great so far!

In the meantime, this is how the necklace will look when actually worn. What do you think?

Me wearing the Silver-Blue, feeling like a Queen for the Day! :)

Taking the final, professional shot of the Silver-Blue Necklace today. The final shots include the "table shot" in our standard layout, and a bust shot. We use a plain white background for the site shot, and then clean it up using Photoshop. The result will be a pristine plain white background.

The Silver-Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace is complete- which clasp should go with it? Decisions, decisions ...

The Silver-Blue Tahitian Necklace as shown on our grey jeweler's bust. I love the way this necklace is going to drape around the collarbones!

The 18-inch necklace's final measurements are 10.0-12.0mm, with a smooth, even graduation throughout. The pearls are a solid AA+ Quality - the luster is gorgeous, nice, bright and sharp, and the blemishes are light to moderate, mostly pin-pricks that can only be viewed upon up close inspection. The colors, I think we can all agree are spectacular!

The necklace's SKU will be TRN-1498-PURE and I decided to give it a special price for a few days- come check it out and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoyed the journey of making a Tahitian Pearl Necklace as much as I enjoyed showing you all the steps from conception to completion. One of my Facebook friends came up with a great idea, so I think we'll tackle that next- stay tuned for Pink and Lavender Ombré Freshwater strands! ;)

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