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Customer Question: Do You Carry Any Baroque Freshwater Pearls?

Posted by Ashley on 1/22/2015

Yes, although within the baroque category, there are certainly variations! Check out these pictures and descriptions below!

Smooth Drops and Semi-Baroque Pearls
This is a really romantic, popular shape that I personally adore! There can be a much greater instance of luster and orient showing up in the semi-baroque shapes like these smooth drops, than rounds due to their irregular crystalline structure. Plus I really enjoy the casual, playful feel the drop-shaped Freshwater pearls have!

Free-Form Baroque Pearls

Freeform baroque pearls are categorized as any pearl shape that is assymetrical. These wild, unique shapes often display the most intense iridescence, color-play and luster seen anywhere!

Keshi pearls

Freshwater keshi pearls also present heavily baroque shapes. 

Freshwater 'Ripple' pearls

Ripple pearls feature heavily textured "Hershey's Kisses" crinkled foil surfaces and symmetrical shapes like off-rounds and drop-shapes. 
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