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Disrupting the Jewelry Industry, One Pearl at a Time

Posted by on 11/10/2017 to News
Disrupting the Jewelry Industry, One Pearl at a Time
Once upon a time, you had to "know somebody" to get a great deal on fine jewelry. 

Those wink and a handshake deals were legendary in the jewelry industry, and often were the difference between getting a good deal, and a GREAT one. 

And that assumed you knew exactly what you were looking at.

Well, I'm aiming to change that. I think everyone should have the chance to marvel at the wonder and beauty that Nature produces. 

That's why a MAJOR focus for me is turning PurePearls.com into the leading source for "in the know" Pearl Education articles, pictures, FAQs and more. 

It hasn't been easy, either. Breaking into the Jewelry Industry from the ground floor is practically unheard of - but I'm not giving up! I'm here to stay, and we're changing the way people buy fine jewelry, one pearl at a time! 

That's why my recent interview with Huffington Post is so exciting! 

I spoke with them about Pure Pearls, and how we're changing the pearl industry by bringing the beauty of pearls to everyone, with a focus on providing a Top Notch pearl education experience. 

I'd love it if you read it, and let me know what you think! 

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