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Bridal Jewelry


When it comes to getting married, there are so many decisions to make—from the cake to the caterer, the dress to the guests—that at least the choice of bridal jewelry is one made easy by centuries of tradition. Their luster and beauty have made pearls a cherished symbol of love, purity and luxury no woman would be without on her wedding day.


The perfect blend of modern and classic luxury, pearls are a bridal tradition going back thousands of years. In ancient Greece, pearls were sacred wedding gems believed to bring love. They were worn by all the wedding guests and were given as gifts to bless the marriage. Today, pearls are still the most popular choice for brides who want to add sophistication and style to their special day.

Of course, it is important to choose the pearls that are right for you. Nothing brings classic style and individuality to a wedding party like carefully selected and matched pearl jewelry. For the bride, it is best to choose a bridal pearl necklace or choker that works with the neckline, dress style, hair and veil. The style of jewelry that will best compliment you depends on the neckline and style of your dress chosen. Complete sets of brilliant white Akoya pearls start at only $276.00, or choose from a range of single strand necklaces then select matching earrings. If your wedding has a more traditional look, the Freshwater Inspiration 4-tier choker and matching bracelet set is a stunning choice for only $135.00.


No matter what the style of your dress or look of your wedding, the elegant luxury of pearls will provide a lustrous element to the appearance of everyone in the bridal party. Once you’ve decided on the right pearls for the bride, complete Freshwater pearl sets are available from only $152.00 for the bridesmaids. And don’t forget pearl cufflinks for the men! Classic white Akoyo or black Tahitian cufflinks will provide polish to the men in the wedding, and are available in 14K gold or sterling silver. Matching bridal pearl earrings for the bride or wedding party is always a nice touch of sophistication.


If you’re looking for a great gift idea for all the men and women in your bridal party, Pure Pearls has a range of stunning jewelry from which to choose the perfect reminder of your union. Not only will they add shine and glow to your wedding day, pearls are versatile enough to be worn for years to come.

All of the stunning choices at Pure Pearls come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and GIA-certified appraisal, and are shipped free of charge. The quality of our pearls is surpassed only by their beauty, and our low prices make it possible for you to get exactly what you envision for your wedding day.

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