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Blue Pearls? Yes, Please!

Posted by Ashley on 2/27/2014
Blue Pearls? Yes, Please!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Color Fanatic! 

My first job in the  jewelry industry was retailing high-end Australian opal jewelry at Kabana in Denver and Ketchikan, Alaska (and I am still a fan - I lust after Kabana’s opals to this day), and then later shifted to working with loose Emeralds, Alexandrite, Sapphires and Rubies at a gemstone company in downtown Los Angeles. Those deep, saturated colors that I could just fall into and get swept away … pardon my daydreaming!
My love affair with pearls didn’t really begin until I found my first naturally-colored blue pearl - it was an 11.0mm Tahitian and it absolutely enchanted me. The swirling, shifting iridescence of Sky Blue tinged with a subtle Rose/Purple that I could see just under the surface knocked me off my feet. 

I snatched it up and made it into a solitaire ring for myself, where I could gaze at it every day (which is a bit dangerous when driving, lol!)

My Blue Tahitian Pearl Ring

This ring gives me shivers every time I look at it- it’s so cute! It’s a little blue bubble on my finger! Adorable. :)

That’s why our Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklace collections all feature beautifully colored pearls. I select them personally with an emphasis on really unique colors like Sky Blue, Cherry, Pistachio, etc … 

One of my absolute favorite pearl colors is Blue. Any shade of blue – bright teal, aquamarine, sky blue, cerulean… I swoon for Blue!

A personal favorite, TAH-0323 is a Blue Tahitian Baroque Pearl Necklace that features cerulean, indigo, teal and midnight blue shades on every pearl. I am always on the look out for more of these!!

So you can imagine I’ve been hardly able to contain myself for the last few weeks as we’re starting a Blue Akoya Pearl Collection!! These Blue Akoya are absolutely STUNNING- bright, NATURAL Sky Blue colors with shades of Green, Rose and even Purple hints- I am totally IN LOVE here!

New Blue Akoya Pearl Pendants and Earrings from PurePearls.com

Our March Monthly Special will be this gorgeous Blue Akoya and diamond pendant below (btw- you should check out my Facebook Page. We’re holding a vote for the best name for the pendant- get your vote in asap!)  All month long it will be 25% off – an introductory deal that shouldn’t be missed!

Name this pearl pendant!

We are limiting our collection to a few specific sizes and styles, singles and pairs for earrings, pendants and eventually rings but there are more designs and styles to come! Are you as excited as I am??

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