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Black Pearl Rings

A pearl ring is never an ordinary ring, and that goes double for the exotic black pearls! PurePearls.com offers only the finest selections black pearl rings, shimmering with coveted Peacock, Green, Silver and Cherry overtones. Choose from modern solitaires to diamond-accented glam cocktail rings to make your statement style absolutely unforgettable!
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Black Tahitian Pearl Serenity Solitaire Ring, Sizes: 10.0-11.0mm
Sale Price: $199.20
Retail Value:$747.00
Our Price: $249.00
Black Freshwater Pearl Swirl Ring, 7.5-8.0mm, 14K Gold
Sale Price: $248.00
Retail Value:$1,240.00
Our Price: $310.00
Black Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Ring, Sizes: 10.0-12.0mm, AAA Quality
Sale Price: $368.00
Retail Value:$2,300.00
Our Price: $460.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Victory Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, 18K Gold
Sale Price: $615.20
Retail Value:$3,076.00
Our Price: $769.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Half-Eternity Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, 14K Gold
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $732.00
Retail Value:$4,575.00
Our Price: $915.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Bliss Ring, Sizes: 10.0-11.0mm, 14K Gold
Sale Price: $748.80
Retail Value:$4,680.00
Our Price: $936.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Bloom Cocktail Ring, 9.0-10.0mm, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
Sale Price: $823.20
Retail Value:$3,087.00
Our Price: $1,029.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Anniversary Ring, Sizes: 10.0-12.0mm, 14K Gold
Sale Price: $1,007.20
Retail Value:$6,295.00
Our Price: $1,259.00
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