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Black Pearl Pendants

A single, perfect black pearl hangs suspended from a glittering chain twinkling in the moonlight. Exotic, sophisticated and mysterious - the legend of the black pearl has endured for centuries. PurePearls.com offers only the finest selections of black pearls, from natural black Tahitians to Midnight Blue black Akoya and treated black Freshwater pearls, famous for their intense peacock iridescence.
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Black Tahitian Baroque Lieben Pendant, 9.0-10.0mm, Sterling Silver
Average Rating(1)
Retail Value:$396.00
Our Price: $105.00
Black Tahitian Baroque Pearl on Leather Neckpiece, Sizes: 10.0-14.0mm
Average Rating(7)
Retail Value:$480.00
Our Price: $120.00
Black Freshwater Classic Pearl Pendant, 7.0-10.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Retail Value:$596.00
Our Price: $155.00
Black Tahitian Baroque Pearl Icicle Pendant, 11.0-12.0mm
Retail Value:$900.00
Our Price: $231.00
Black Tahitian Pearl Classic Solitaire Pendant, Sizes: 9.0mm-14.0mm
Average Rating(5)
Retail Value:$952.00
Our Price: $244.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Radiance Pendant, Sizes: 9.0-14.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Retail Value:$1,041.00
Our Price: $353.00
Sold Out! Black Tahitian and Smokey Quartz Lariat, 24-Inches, Sterling Silver
Average Rating(1)
Retail Value:$1,512.00
Our Price: $378.00
Not for Sale.
Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Bezel Pendant, Sizes: 10.0-13.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Retail Value:$1,780.00
Our Price: $451.00
Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Glimmer 0.10ct Pendant, Sizes 9.0-13.0mm
Average Rating(8)
Retail Value:$1,796.00
Our Price: $455.00
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