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Batman Necklace – The Dark Man Rises Custom Creations

Posted by on 4/15/2014
Batman Necklace – The Dark Man Rises Custom Creations
We get quite a few calls to recreate the necklace seen in the Batman movie with Anne Hathaway. This is one of our most popular custom design projects- one of our specialties is Custom Design, and out of all our projects, I think the Dark Man Rises Necklace is one of the most elegant and beautiful…


Anne Hathaway wearing the Dark Man Rises Necklace in the Batman Movie- she is so pretty!

Last week, we began a 16-inch version using lustrous Silver-Rose White South Sea pearls mixed with our Gem Quality Elite Collection Freshwater pearls to fill in the smaller end sections near the clasp. The process begins by making sure we have enough of both pearl types in the right sizes to match:


Matching White South Sea pearls for the center section of the Dark Man Rises Necklace.


The Center Section features White South Sea pearls graduating from 9.0-12.0mm


The Pearl in the Absolute Center Measures 12.0mm Exactly


This is the Finished Center Section Image I Emailed for Approval before Proceeding Further

Once we’ve matched the pearls and sent in pictures for our customer’s approval, we start locating the spot on each pearl where I’ll drill so we can string the necklace.


Dark Man Rises Necklace gets Marked for Drilling


Drilling the Center Section – the Center Pearls are all Whole, Loose Pearls we typically reserve for earrings

or pendants and have not been drilled for mounting yet.


Drilling the Pearls for the Dark Man Rises Necklace

We specially ordered a clasp from one of our fine diamond and finding suppliers here in Los Angeles to give the necklace that perfect “Finishing Touch”. What I love about this clasp in particular is that the lines are very clean but the design has this Art Deco feel to it that recalls the glamour and flamboyance of the 1920’s…


Art Deco-style Diamond Clasp- I really love the tiny VS diamond accents and the delicate milgrain details…

Once the pearls are fully knotted and finished, we’re ready for our glamour shots!


It’s Finished! Here’s our Dark Man Rises Pearl Necklace


I had to try it on! Here’s the Dark Man Rises Necklace in “Noir” Black and White


Here it is in Color, and I think I’m in love…

The entire process takes about a week from start to finish, and the results are definitely gorgeous! The client will receive his necklace sometime today, and I’m waiting with baited breath to hear what he and his wife think of our work (will update you all later in the comments!).

If you’re interested in bringing this gorgeous necklace to life, please feel free to call me anytime at 800-762-0977 FREE, or email me directly at Ashley@purepearls.com for a current price quote.


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