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Customer Question: Are Black Akoya Pearls Naturally Black?

Posted by Ashley on 11/28/2014


The short answer is: No. All black Akoya pearls are dyed. 

The term ‘black’ is actually a bit of a misnomer in that usually they take on a more midnight-blue-black or greenish-black cast to them that is instantly recognizable once you’ve handled them a few times. 

If you want naturally black pearls, I’d have to recommend either our Tahitian pearls or our Sea of Cortez pearls, which are natural black saltwater pearls from Mexico (and very, very colorful!).

Black Akoya pearls in loose-hanks, all perfectly matched for color. You can see the VERY subtle variations in tone from blue-ish-black to greenish black here.

Black Akoya pearls hold a charm for many pearl lovers. Their unique midnight-blue-black coloring can be very attractive for those looking for deep, near jet-black pearls, without the premium associated with naturally black-colored pearls. 

Additionally, black Akoya pearls share the high degree of mirror-like luster and perfect roundness of shape of traditionally white Akoya pearls that many people are looking for. 

Black Akoya pearls: a “Glam” shot I took for a recent article on Jewellery Net Asia but later did not include.
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