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The World of Exotic Pearls: One of a Kind Color

Posted by on 8/3/2016 to News

In my last email when I talked about the different kinds of exotic pearls (Tahitian, South Sea and Sea of Cortez), and what makes each of them so unique and covetable.

So many of you guys responded (thank you btw!!!) that you really loved our South Sea and Sea of Cortez pearls, so this email is a special treat just for you!

To be totally honest, it was a treat for me too, because I got to play with all these gorgeous pearls and do the set-ups for this glamour shoot. Now that’s my idea of a totally awesome day.


Eye Candy Time!

South Sea pearl necklaces

A stunning set of South Sea pearl necklaces (baroque and semi-rounds) against a backdrop of Golden-lipped Pinctada shells …

22K Deep Golden SOuth Sea Pearls

LOOK at these colors!! 22K Deep Golden South Sea pearls with a Rose overtone. Love it!!
Multi-Colored South Sea Pearl Necklaces

I have a “thing” for Multi-Colored South Sea pearl necklaces – they’re just so playful and unique. This one features Champagne, 14K Medium-Deep and 18K Deep Gold and Silver and Cream-hued White South Sea pearls in an assortment of drop-y baroque shapes.
Drop-Shaped White SOuth Sea Strand

This Drop-Shaped White South Sea strand has just the most beautiful luster, with a hint of that ephemeral Silver-Blue overtone. YUMMY.
Golden Pearls

More on those gorgeous Goldens! The intense iridescence of the mother of pearl backdrop is just killing me …
Tahitian Love

Cherries and Peacocks and Greens, oh my!
White South Sea in Cherry and Peacock-Green

Loving the contrast in this photo! Round and Baroque White South Sea strands mixed with Cherry and Peacock-Green Tahitian pearls. I need more of these in my life!

The colors I can see in these pearls are just … deliciously delectable.
White South Sea in Cherry and Peacock-Green

One last picture - just because I really love how the White South Sea pearls’ subtle iridescence is showing up in these photographs! Totally twisted! Lol.

All the pearls featured here are going to be a part of our Exotic Strand Sale coming up in just a few days, but not all of them are listed on the site yet – I’m leaving a few off until the sale launch.

That said, feel free to EMAIL US and call “dibs!” if you fall in love with a special strand.

It’s so hard to let these strands go sometimes, but I’ll do my best to be graceful about it!

In the meantime, I have one more email coming with specific details like SKUs, sale prices, etc., that will deal with a few really special pearls. These are some of my favorites that I’ll be spotlighting just for you guys; my prettiest pearls at my best prices – you won’t want to miss it!

Long Live Color!

Ashley McNamara

P.S. HUGE news! We have a very special Sea of Cortez pearl necklace coming into the office this week! I’m setting up a special photoshoot just for this strand (we’re calling it the Unicorn!), and I’ll be sharing those pctures as soon as they’re done, so stay tuned!

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