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White South Sea Pearl Earrings, 12.0-13.0mm

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  • White South Sea Pearl Earrings, 12.0-13.0mm
  • White South Sea Pearl Earrings, 12.0-13.0mm
  • Signature Black Gift Box, Certified Appraisal and Pearl Care Kit
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Product Description

Flawless and impressively large 12.0-13.0mm, AAA quality White South Sea pearl earrings radiate sophistication and luxury. Flawless pearls are hand-matched per your specifications and feature perfectly round shapes, dazzling luster and thick nacre that gives off a quiet inner glow.

Only AAA quality White South Sea pearls that meet our high standards of thick nacre, crisp luster and blemish-free surfaces are selected for our collections. Customize your pearl earrings further by selecting your favorite earring style and 14K gold tone. Each pair of earrings arrives in our Signature Little Black Gift Box, along with a GIA Graduate Prepared Appraisal.

Technical Description

Pearl Overtone Rose, Silver or Cream
Size 12.0-13.0mm
Pearl Type South Sea Pearls
Pearl Shape Round
Pearl Piece Earrings
Pearl Collection Bridal
Pearl Length No
Diamonds and Gemstones No
Pearl-Quality AAA
Mollusk Type Pinctada maxima, silver-lipped variety, saltwater oyster
Area of Origin Northern Australia
Country of Origin No
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Price $1,899.00
Category Price 1660.00
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Can I get Free Shipping?

Yes free shipping is included on all orders shipped within the USA

What is the best overtone for White South Sea pearls?

Choosing an overtone is more about personal taste generally, but our most popular overtone is Silver which is closest a true, bright white, followed by Rose which offers pale to deep pink hues and then Cream, which has a touch of French Vanilla color. All of them are beautiful! The Rose overtone for White South Sea pearls is the rarest of them all. If you have a specific overtone request, please contact us at service@purepearls.com

Which overtone will look best on me for White South Sea pearls? I have blonde hair, green eyes and a reddish undertone to my skin.

We would highly recommend the Rose or a subtle Cream overtone. The warmer hues will compliment your skin tone, rather than contrast with it. Women with olive complexions or dark hair and pale skin would do well with the bright Silver which will contrast against the darker hair/skin and appear larger and brighter.

Do you offer AA+ Quality earrings or pendants for South Sea pearls?

No, all of our South Sea pearl pendants, earrings and rings are made with AAA Quality pearls only. This is to ensure the pearls have smooth, blemish-free surfaces and the best luster and color available.

Where do your South Sea pearls come from?

Our South Sea pearls are cultured at various pearl farms that stretch from the Philippine islands to the Western Coast of Australia. Generally, our White South Sea pearls are Australian in origin, and our Golden pearls come from the Philippines.

Are these South Sea pearls cultured or natural?

All of our pearls are cultured pearls, meaning that the oysters have had human assistance in getting nacre production started. A wild or natural pearl, forms without any human intervention. Usually it is a parasite or bit of organic material that gets lodged within the oyster’s soft body and irritates the animal into secreting nacre in order to smooth over the invader.

Are these colors natural?

Yes! Cultured South Sea pearls feature completely natural colors, and are never color or luster treated. After harvest, the pearls are cleaned then gently polished with bamboo and walnut chips coated with transparent wax.

I m returning client. I have grey hair, blue eyes, fair skin with some yellow undertone. What color South Sea or Fresh pearl would you recommend? I look best in 10-14mm pierce.

Hi There! With a yellow undertone and silver/grey hair color, I'd highly recommend going with a bright Silver overtone which will be closest to a true, bright white which would create a great contrast. Rose would also work beautifully by adding a touch of warmth that would compliment your skin tone. I'd recommend staying away from Cream which would blend with your yellow undertones and could get lost. For the size range you like best, you'll definitely want to stick with South Sea pearls - while you can get high quality Freshwater pearls in that larger size range, it will be very difficult and it would end up costing about the same as a South Sea pair anyways due to their rarity.