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White Cultured Pearl Necklaces

White pearls are by far the most popular pearl color of choice for most pearl jewelry shoppers. Loved for it's classic beginnings and it's modern versatility, white pearls are steeped in tradition. From birthdays and graduations to weddings and anniversaries, the classic elegance and easy versatility of white ensures that these gems will be treasured for a lifetime.
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White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(20)
Sale Price: $103.20
Retail Value:$516.00
Our Price: $129.00
White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(13)
Sale Price: $156.80
Retail Value:$588.00
Our Price: $196.00
White Freshwater Opera Length Pearl Necklace, 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(5)
Sale Price: $167.20
Retail Value:$836.00
Our Price: $209.00
White Freshwater Graduated Pearl Tin Cup Necklace, 6.0-9.5mm, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $188.80
Retail Value:$710.00
Our Price: $236.00
White Elite Collection Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 7.0mm, 18-Inches, Sterling Silver
Average Rating(0)
Sale Price: $200.00
Retail Value:$1,000.00
Our Price: $250.00
White Elite Collection Pearl Necklace, 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Sale Price: $231.20
Retail Value:$1,156.00
Our Price: $289.00
White Akoya Pearl Necklace, 6.0-6.5mm
Average Rating(16)
Sale Price: $236.00
Retail Value:$956.00
Our Price: $295.00
Metallic White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, AAA Quality, 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $239.20
Retail Value:$897.00
Our Price: $299.00
White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 8.5-9.0mm
Average Rating(5)
Sale Price: $248.00
Retail Value:$930.00
Our Price: $310.00
White Freshwater Off-Round and Seed Pearl Endless Necklace, 8.5-9.0mm, 32-Inches
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $252.00
Retail Value:$1,260.00
Our Price: $315.00
White Freshwater Pearl Tin Cup Necklace, 7.5-8.0mm, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $261.60
Retail Value:$981.00
Our Price: $327.00
White Freshwater Opera Length Pearl Necklace, 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Sale Price: $280.80
Retail Value:$1,053.00
Our Price: $351.00
SOLD OUT!!  Large White Freshwater
Average Rating(0)
Sale Price: $281.60
Retail Value:$756.00
Our Price: $352.00
White Elite Collection Pearl Necklace, 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(10)
Sale Price: $287.20
Retail Value:$1,436.00
Our Price: $359.00
White Freshwater Opera Length Endless Pearl Necklace, 7.5-8.0mm, 35-Inches
Average Rating(0)
Sale Price: $300.00
Retail Value:$1,875.00
Our Price: $375.00
SOLD OUT!! Large White Freshwater
Average Rating(1)
Sale Price: $312.80
Retail Value:$1,173.00
Our Price: $391.00
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